Sunday Reflections

Just a few thoughts on yesterdays services:

  • Our new electronic drum set was incredible! Really leveled off the noise factor and it was a good mix and I don’t even know about that stuff. Joe has the worship team growing and moving in the right direction.
  • Where are these people coming from? Had multiple guest cards today and that was about half of the visitors. Several people are coming back for 3rd and 4th visits.
  • The Holy Spirit is really moving through the messages in Luke. I prepare but God gets involved and goes a different direction. Pretty cool because I feel it is hitting home.
  • I was wiped after the 2nd service was done. I had been up since 3:30am with Caleb and I hit the wall.
  • People are getting pumped up for our small groups. We have several that are going to start in the next few weeks. Want to think of a cool name for them instead of small groups or home fellowships.
  • The youth BBQ went off huge! The Teft’s and the Aguilar’s are doing a great job with their team
  • It is obvious that our church gets excited about donuts when we have them. Thought a riot was going to break out.

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