Family Day

Avblogo2_2Took the family up to SLO today for a little family day. Avila Barn is one of my kids very first memories. It has been one of our favorite places for a long time. Most of that is because they sell the best turnovers in the world. In the summer it is Cherry and in the fall it is Apple. They also sell this Oallie berry thing but I have no clue what it is. They sell the dang thing all year so how good could it be if it never goes out of season?

Anyways our kids get to feed the barn animals and get themselves all sticky from the turnover so it is a really good time. The weather was nice but a little cold. Bummer because my kids are such twigs that we have to bundle them up.

We ran into a couple of Jen’s old students. She taught them in 7–10th grades at two different schools. It tripped us out seeing them because it made us realize how long we have been in ministry. They both just graduated from college, one Westmont, and the other from the Naval Academy. They are awesome guys and both love God. Good success stories.

I love our family days.


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