So Much For A Lull

Went to church knowing that many of our leaders and people were gone for the holiday weekend. Got to church and discovered our worship leader Joe was at home with a swollen knee. In my mind I just prepared myself for an off day. I was wrong. The Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way. The worship team stepped up and did a good job and both services were full of people.

We had this Santa Maria vibe going on today with several families visiting from the Mothership. It was good to have Chief Tim Dabney there to swear in Greg Nelson as a chaplain for the Lompoc PD. It was also nice to have the Thompson family visit from Utah. Fun to see old friends.

What made this morning so incredible was that God was moving from the start. All through the message I felt like it was hitting home in a real way and the people really responded. So much for the holiday lull that was supposed to be there. If you missed the message you can listen here.


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