Vacation Part 2

The second day of the vacation started by me sleeping in and my wife bringing me Starbucks. What makes this so amazing is that this is the first time Jen has ventured out on the roads of OC by herself. No search party needed.

We lounged for a long time until we headed down to Irvine and Camping World to look at trailers. I got this bug to buy a trailer so the family can go camping. Well we saw more trailers than we care to remember but saw those we loved and couldn’t afford and those we could afford and could live with. Needless to say we didn’t get one. I was a little bummed because I saw one that I really liked. It could’ve been ours for 120 payments.

Went to lunch at Lawry’s Carvery in South Coast Plaza and had some sweet brisket with a side of mac and cheese. Really good.  I can say that about all the food we ate this week.  Has some killer Chicken Marsala Ravioli at the Macaroni Grill that was pretty impressive.

The time away was refreshing. I didn’t answer email, blog, or take business calls. Got more sleep in the last three days than in the last three years. Came back refreshed and loving my kids more. This trip was made possible by Jen’s parents who watched Caleb & Allie the whole time. Mucho Gracias!


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