Off The Charts

We had our first breakfast this morning and it was off the charts! It looks like we had close to 60 men in all come and enjoy a great meal. Well actually some of those guys didn’t get the food because we ran out. We only bought for 40 meals and when they kept coming and coming eventually we ran out. That is a good problem. Next time we will get more.

We had to scramble and move all of our sound stuff back into the sanctuary so we could fit everyone in. Major Props to Rene and Tom for getting it done. Once again Joe’s worship was excellent and I felt really good about the message. Very Inspirational. I wanted to set the bar high for the men of this church.

One of the blessings of the morning is that we had several men from other churches join us and I think that is great! There is nothing sweeter than the fellowship of the body together. Hearing 60 men worship God gets you pumped up! Really looking forward to the next one in June.


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