Missionary Update

Just got an update from the missionaries we support in Cork, Ireland:

Hello to you all!
Time for another update from Cork, Ireland…..
Well, summer came for a few days, but now it’s gone and we’re back to the
rain. But we don’t mind! We are so blessed to be able to serve God in this
country 🙂 Ok, I have to keep this short because I’m off to collect some people
from the airport soon.
I’ll start with praise reports:
Things here are going well! We’ve had a lot of visitors coming to the
church lately, and that is so encouraging for us, as we have a small
fellowship. There’s one lady who comes with her baby, and she has made a
commitment to the Lord, and now wants to be discipled! Praise God.
Something else encouraging is that some of the lads in the church have
been given the chance to teach at the Wednesday night Bible study. It’s gone
really well and Mike is so happy to see Irish men being raised up and having the
opportunity to realize and develop their gifts. Mike has finished teaching
through all the minor prophets (wow!) on Wed nights and now he’s taking a few
weeks to go through "touchy subjects of the New Testament" (tithing, church
discipline, head coverings, etc) before starting Genesis. There have been some
great discussions after the studies, so it’s been good.
And speaking of Bible studies, the women’s study is going great! We just
finished up Philippians last night, and we have all been so blessed and
challenged by that book. So now I have to figure out what to do next!
Thank you thank you thank you so much for your prayers for us regarding
starting a marriage course. Praise God for providing the material through some
wonderful Christians; and now we have begun and the couple we are counselling
just love it so much.
One of the most exciting things that’s happening soon is our first church
retreat! It’s such a miracle how we got the location for it. I was searching for
days online for any sort of place in the country we could rent for a weekend,
but since it’s tourist season, everything was either way too much or else you
had to book it for a whole week. Well, just a few days ago someone told us about
a Christian woman who has a huge stone house with a thatched roof (!) way out in
the country and only 5 minute from a beach. And she rents it out! So we should
be having the retreat next month. Pray for Mike as he decides what the theme
should be.
Speaking of Mike, just last week he was asked by two different people to
speak at two different Irish Christian events this summer! He’s just so hip, you
know, and in high demand! Ha ha. But anyway, he’s speaking at the Ignite
Festival in county Meath, and a thing called Dv8 in Kildare. So again, your
prayers are appreciated.
I better throw in a few more prayer requests:
*A few members of our church have been getting a lot of hassle from their
families lately about coming to Calvary. Pray for strength and patience!
*Our worship leader may be moving to Dublin in September. Obviously, we
want her to stay. But just pray that God’s will be done, and that I can get
better at leading or ideally that God would raise up another Irish person to do
it. I’ve been filling in a lot lately, but we don’t want church to be the Mike
and Rachel show…
*One woman in our church recently moved down from northern Ireland
(protestant area) and is being discriminated against by some of the
traditionally Catholic people in her work just for being from the North. That
kind of thing would have happened all the time in the past, but I was surprised
to hear that it still happens. Pray that she can represent Christ regardless!
*There is a woman in our church whose husband renounced Christ last year,
and just two weeks ago he left her. Pray for strength and wisdom for her, and
wisdom and discernment for all of us and we pray with and counsel her.
But praise God that He is more than able to answer all these requests! We
are blown away by His faithfulness to us, and we trust in Him to work ALL things
together for good.
-Rachel (and Mike and Eoin too!)
oh! I have to tell you all that i finally cut eoin’s hair, so now
hopefully people will stop calling him a girl!


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