A Moments Peace

Yesterday Jen’s Grandparents watched Caleb and Allie in the afternoon and we were able to spend some quality time together. If you have ever heard of the analogy of the frog in the kettle you know that if you put a frog in a pot and let him swim he will swim four times longer if you take him out for a brief period of rest. Parenting can be a lot like swimming as hard as you can to keep your head above water. When you get those brief periods of rest if makes you endure so much longer. I was actually able to sit and read something uninterrupted yesterday. It was a slice of heaven. Got some mother’s day stuff done and just hung out with Jen. It was great! Topped off the night with dinner with some friends. It was a really fun time. Good Thai food.

I hear a lot of church planters talk about how church planting is the hardest thing in the world. I agree it is hard but it pales in comparison to being a parent. Nothing has made me more tired than parenting. Don’t get me wrong nothing has been more rewarding but when you get those brief moments of peace you realize how tiring it is.


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