Monday Mornings

For the first 13 years in ministry I always had Mondays off. It was nice because you were able to recover from a hectic Sunday, especially when I worked with youth. One of the downsides to having Mondays off was that I lost a little momentum from Sunday. Inevitably I would forget something or just loose the motivation by time I got in the office on Tuesday.

Now I work on Mondays and I love Monday mornings. I am able to start my study for the following Sunday without the guilt of thinking it is my day off. This also gives me the whole week to let message form in my mind. Tuesdays are always admin days and I never have time to study for Sunday. Plus on Mondays I can take all the mental notes I have from our services and put wheels to them. I am still pumped about the previous day at church so the motivation is high get things done.

Now I take Wednesdays off. To most that is hump day or the middle of their week. For me it is a brief respite before another weekend of ministry. It is also a good family day because everyone is at work so there are no crowds anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Monday Mornings

  1. Statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 pastors no longer utilize Monday as a primary rest day. Thursday or Friday are the top pole getters.


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