Back On The Water

Christin's Pics 070

Got back out on the water kayaking yesterday. It was so wonderful. Greg and I headed down to Refugio for a nice paddle. The weather was perfect and serene. The coastline along that stretch is beautiful. Greg made a comment that we are the people you see when you drive by and wonder don’t those people have a job? Having Wednesdays off has it benefits.

The only bummer was that we had to pay $8 to kayak at Refugio and that there is no parking before 8am. We pulled into a campsite at 7am and when we got done there was a park volunteer getting ready to give us a ticket. He told us we couldn’t park there unless we paid $35. We told him our situation and he didn’t know what to say so we loaded up the kayaks and left. No big deal.

Hopefully this will be a Wednesday ritual.


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