Buttoned Up

We’ve finally finished up all of the major projects on the church. Took a month but I think I am done meeting people early at the church so they can work on it. Had the carpets cleaned yesterday and the place is looking nice. can’t believe it only took a month.

What excites me most is that I can focus more attention on my regular duties and some exciting things that are on my heart. I have three staff members that I want to pour into, some planning to fulfill our vision, and some future dreaming that I am realizing that we are closer to than  thought.

Reading some really good books right now. Really pushing me to where I need to be right now and in the future. Be in prayer for The Village Chapel as we have some big decisions that we need to address in the coming months.

I am also looking forward to a regular day off (wednesday) and getting out on my kayak. As soon as Greg finishes this Triathalon we will be on the water a lot. This is a good thing because it is kind of prayer closet for me. Very serene and peaceful.


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