Lacking Hope

I did a funeral today that was the most depressing I have ever done. First off the family wanted to do it at a hotel because they weren’t religious and needed a place that was “neutral.” What they didn’t expect was a church in a hotel. The interesting thing was that there was no attempt to show closeness to the lady who passed away. Her two daughters were there with their families and no memories of them growing up. Only that she loved to do her thing and she loved Chumash casino’s. They had a slide show and none of the pictures were with her children. They were all by herself.

God didn’t put us here to be alone. Today was a perfect example of someong who went it alone and ended up alone.


2 thoughts on “Lacking Hope

  1. On a hopeful note:
    My husband, Jay Doyle passed away 8 weeks ago in a head on collision. He lived in Lompoc 49 years and was loved by his family and the community. He was the campaigner that brought the handicapped accessible curbs to Vandenberg Village and was a big promoter of Alcoholics Anonymous. He was a devote Christian and the love of God radiated through everything he did. Please view his guest book in Legacy guestbooks.


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