Thehomedepot Walked into Home Depot last night to purchase the paint for our Sanctuary (Honey Butter w/a Egg Shell finish. I know you are dying to know) and when I walked up to the paint counter one of my old students was working it. His name is Sy and he came to our group for about a year. He started coming because he was in love with a girl but eventually got plugged in. Once he graduated he dropped off the planet so it was really cool to see him.

We talked for a while and he told me that he was married and living in Lompoc. I told him that we had just moved to Lompoc and had started a church in the Village and invited him to come and check it out. From what I know Sy doesn’t come from a Christian family. In fact the only contact with church he ever had was through the youth group. I am going to be praying for him that he will return to it again.

There is something cool about reconnecting with people. I was on a little high last night after coming home (part of it was that Sy saved the church 25% off of the paint). In the church I love to connect and reconnect people to Jesus. Part of what is cool about The Village Chapel is that we have a good portion of our people coming who haven’t gone to a church or were disconnected for a long time.  When people reconnect and are touched by God you can see the difference in their lives.

Update: Sy hooked the church up! He got us the paint fo $24 instead of $130! So cool . Bought 5 gallons of paint for $4.60 a gallon.


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