Accomodating Growth

There is a side to growth that they rarley tell you about. Yeah it is great to celebrate all the good side of things growing like the new people and raised expectations but what you don’t expect is little details that sap your time. I was told tonight that I need to stop majoring in the minors. Basically what was meant that I was focusing my attention on areas that are not as beneficial as other areas may be. For example all the building that has been done has put a strain on my study time. Building is a major thing but next to preaching the Word of God it falls in the minor category. This is no one’s fault except for mine. It is the admin side in me that tries to dominate.

So I am starting to put things and people into place that will allow me to focus on the big picture. First of all is the facility. I am giving the care of that over to Tom Teft. He does that already and is more that qualified to do it. Next is the daily admin stuff that comes across my desk. We are going to bring in Christin to do that plus the Children’s ministry. This will free me of a lot of little tasks that I don’t have time for.

Finally we are adding some structure to our leadership. I am a big proponent of a flat structure and I in no way want to put layers between me and the congregation but some systems are necessary to bring clarity and organization. Once we finalize this we will announce it.

It is important to keep the main thing the main thing. For Pastors it pretty much the same thing but can take different shapes. First off is study and prayer. When I speak I want to deliver exactly what God wants me to say and to be comfortable doing it. That takes time and prayer. I need to devote 25% of my time to that. Secondly is my pastoral heart. I am called to and love being a shepherd. I love being amongst the sheep caring for them. Finally is leadership development. Being a leader means that I am called to develop leaders. I am excited to get to work on this aspect and begin to raise up men and women who feel call to serve and lead in the Kingdom of God.

If I can focus on these three things we will be able to accomodate the growth that we are experiencing.


2 thoughts on “Accomodating Growth

  1. Pastor,
    Since coming to Valley Chapel I have already seen how much Jesus is blessing this new church. We are growing faster than I have ever seen a church grow. This same type of blessing also came upon the early church as recorded in the book of Acts. There we see the disciples became busy in taking care of the matters of the church, and they were being pulled away from what was most important, the preaching of the Word. However, they tackled the problem very fast by picking 7 holy men to handle the church business. It is a blessing to me that you have already reconized the same thing was and is happening to you now, and you are taking the same steps that the disciples took. This is blessing to me, because it shows me you have good leadership. I have had a chance to meet, work, and pray with many of the men at our church, and I am confident our Lord will bring you upright holy men with a passion to serve in this new church. I am excited to be a part of this blessing and I pray Jesus gives me a chance to use the gifts He has given me to help you in any way I can. I have come to Valley Chapel to serve Jesus and you. Thank you for making me feel at home here at Valley Chapel, it means a great deal to me. I will be lifting you up in prayer every morning, and I am sure others will be doing the same.
    A brother in Christ
    Frank DiMora


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