Wind Gets Me Down

Without a doubt the wind is my least favorite type of weather. Yesterday was a perfect example. The winds were blowing between 30–50mph and it was just so depressing. You see I grew up in Lancaster, Ca. where we averaged 40mph winds year round. It was either hot and windy or cold and windy. I noticed on the weather channel that the winds in Lancaster were 69mph yesterday.

The reason that the wind gets me down is that it can be cold and the wind makes it unbearable. Wind chill will cut through any jacket you wear. Once it was 28 degrees in Lancaster and the wind picked up and took it down to 4 degrees. Miserable.

I love the fog, the rain, and the snow but you can have the wind. It just sucks the life out of you. Even in the church when the winds of change start to blow it makes you more uneasy than anything else. You can’t predict or control what is going to happen so it almost gives you a compounded feeling of confusion. But winds are necessary. They sustain life and make us depend only on God. so in that regard I am thankful for the wind.


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