Easter Reflections

Here are few of my thoughts about our Easter Services:

  • We had about 300 adults and over 100 kids in two services today
  • It was nice to be back in the groove of two services again
  • Our volunteers are incredible!!!! Can’t say Enough. Thank you so much.
  • Yvonne Nelson has a new nickname "Generalismo"
  • Our Easter Brunch was better than any restaurant I could’ve gone to
  • Christin took our children’s ministry to a new level
  • She has built a good team
  • Dan Barnard stepped up huge today!
  • Our welcome team was off the charts
  • The welcome tent is a nice addition..I think we will keep it
  • Not sure about our new digital sound board
  • Felt good about the message

Now that our Easter services are over I am looking forward to the Village Chapel taking the next step. Next week our Women’s ministry and Students ministry kicks off. We are working on some discipleship classes and hopefully we will launch a semester of small groups in May. It is important to expand our base.


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