A Major Breathrough

If you have read this blog for a while you know that we have been trying to potty train our son Caleb. He goes to the bathroom pretty well but would never tell us he had to go. Well last night he went into the bathroom by himself and went "pooh pooh." We had just gotten both of the kids out of the bath and I was getting Allie ready for bed. Caleb (naked) disappeared during that time. Then he ran out and told me had gone. At first I thought he had to go but then Jen checked the toilet and he had gotten up on the toilet, went pooh pooh, and then got down (without wiping) and came and told me! Wow!

We threw a party high fiving all around. Caleb called and told Grandma and Papa what he did and we topped everything off with a prize of two cookies. We are some proud parents right now.


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