Mark You Calendars

Ucla_game_015October 6th is the day that Notre Dame comes to the Rose Bowl to Play UCLA in football. I give you advance notice because I plan on being there and you might want to get your tickets early. Nothing like a good crushing of the Irish to make your Saturday. Go Bruins!


2 thoughts on “Mark You Calendars

  1. Crushing of the Irish? Would you like to bet on that? While I am at their spring game on the 21st of April I will take pictures of them for you. That way, when you switch teams, you will already have pictures to put in your new Notre Dame album. If you don’t switch, I will be right next to you in the stands laughing when they lose.


  2. The Irish have such short memories. Remember that you barley got our of the game alive last time and this year you don’t have Quinn or Samardija. UCLA on the other hand has 20 of 22 starters returning an you have play us on our turf. The hallowed Rose Bowl which trumps Touchdown Jesus anyday.


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