Easter is going to Rock!

If you could see all the work going on behind the scenes for our Easter Services you would be pumped. Our lead team is working the phones getting people involved. I think in some way most people are going to be involved in serving on Sunday. That is incredible! All of our visitors who will be showing up on Sunday are going to be impressed. Christin has our children’s program dialed in and the kids are going to have one of their best Kids Churches ever. Yvonne is coordinating this Buffet brunch that will blow away any one you would go and pay $20 for. Dan & Yvette have our welcome team covering the parking lot, greeters at the door, and a new edition; a Welcome Tent outside where people can go and get all the 411 on The Village Chapel. Joe is working on the medley that you are going to have to be there to hear. Chip and Ernie have our men motivated to assist and support where ever necessary. This is off the charts!

So much good is being done that will benefit the Kingdom of God and this church in the long term that it get me pumped! To all the Village People I want to encourage you to go the 8:30 am service so we have enough room in the 10am service.


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