Podcast Online

Podcast2Sunday’s message is online for your listening pleasure. Just finished a four week series on the Beatitudes in Luke and I gotta tell you it stretched me like I haven’t been stretched in a while. Although the verses are meaty it was difficult coming up with a message based on two verses. Enjoyed it though.

I can’t believe that in 10 weeks as a church we have had over 500 requests for the messages. I knew this was a cool tool but I didn’t anticipate the response so soon. We are averaging in the neighborhood of 20-30 downloads a week.

If you have iTunes you can subscribe here.


3 thoughts on “Podcast Online

  1. I cOme to visit on Sunday and was a few minutes too very late. Someone told me that the room was full. two men were just outsdie talking about the bible so I talked with them for a few minutes. I will come again soon. I had hoped your church would do the outside church for Easter but now I read that they are not having outside church.


  2. Stephen,
    Glad you came by. We have had a space issue since day 1. Sorry about that. Easter was going to be outside since we used to be in a smaller room but now with our larger sanctuary we decided to stay inside. Hope to meet you soon.


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