God What Are You Doing?

We busted our butts all week to get our sanctuary up to par. We were able to fit 20 more seats in to bring our total to 160. It was a good feeling leaving there on Saturday. We had done good work. Sunday morning I arrived at church to find it a bee hive of activity. People were cleaning and arranging with these huge smiles on their faces. It was pretty cool to walk into.

So we get into worship and Joe is just rocking with his band. I am exhausted from the week but so glad to be there worshiping. I get up to pray after the offering and I see all the seats full with 20 people standing in the back! My first thought "God what are doing?" I was really dumbfounded. What I thought was going to be a comfortable morning became just like all the other Sundays to date.

Besides the normal visitors we had expanded families in attendance. People are bringing their parents. Parents are bringing their children. It is like one big extended family. Great vibe and the crazy thing is that a good portion of those people hung out after the services. We finished at 11:15 and people were still lingering after noon.

God is doing something in The Village Chapel. It’s going to be cool to watch it unfold.


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