When The Dust Settles

You can always measure a conference strength in March Madness by seeing how many of its teams make it to the Sweet 16. Well after the dust has settled there is 1 ACC team, 2 SEC teams, 2 Big 12 teams, AND 3 PAC 10 TEAMS!!!!
That’s right! UCLA, Oregon, and the boys from Troy are all in. I am not a USC fan but they did put the smack on one of the most overrated teams in the nation, Texas. Love to see those Longhorns lose and it’s even better when they are smacked right in the grill.
So you can yell all you want about the ACC’s 7 teams in but only one remains and they are going down to USC next week. Oregon looks like a shoe in for the elite 8 and UCLA can dance all over Pitt and the equally overrated Kansas, who undeservedly took UCLA’s #1 seed.
Nothing like a little West Coast dominance to silence the East Coast bias. Even UNLV is representing the left coast.


3 thoughts on “When The Dust Settles

  1. Get your facts right next time Mr. PAC-10! There are three SEC teams in the Sweet 16 and one of them happens to be the defending champ. Go Gators!


  2. Next time get your facts straight Mr. PAC-10! There are three SEC teams in the “Sweet 16” with one of them being the defending champs. Go Gators!


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