Successful Church Plants Pt 1

Greg Nelson forwarded this to me and I would like to start a dialogue with the Village People to see where they think we rate on this two months in.

There are ten common factors that successful church plants share, according to the results of a study released by the Center for Missional Research, a division of the North American Mission Board. The following factors proved to be the best predictors for higher worship attendance, as reported by

*   Location. Church plants that start in school facilities show a distinct advantage in term of visibility, parking and low costs. In the longer term, churches that meet in movie theaters also exhibit higher attendance.

*   Reaching children. Special children’s events along with outreaches around holidays, and at other times, attract crowds and help churches sustain attendance.

*   Promotion of the church. Church plants with high attendance mail invitations for services, programs and events and to keep community awareness high.

*   Training new members. Successful church plants provide training and clearly communicate that the new members participate and find a place to serve.

*   Mandatory church covenant for new members. New members are required to sign a church covenant as a sign that they take their commitment to the church seriously.

*   Intentional financial stewardship. The pastors receive financial compensation as well as health insurance, allowing them time to focus on the church’s growth and not their own basic needs.

*   The staff factor. The most successful church plants do not start out under-staffed and their planters are full-time. They have also assessed staff for their suitability and have multiple staff members from the start.

*   Not just focusing on their own needs. Successful church plants start at least one church within three years of their own plant and those who are sent out to start a new church are replaced and even more are added.

*   Building leadership. Church plants with higher attendance conduct leadership training, build their leadership base and delegate leadership roles to church members on an ongoing basis.

*   The achievement factor. Church planters have a vision of what God wants to do and remain focused on accomplishing that.


2 thoughts on “Successful Church Plants Pt 1

  1. Interesting to see this research. The one I wonder about is mailers. I see churches spendings tens of thousands of dollars on hundreds of thousands of mailers over time and still have churches that are in the 400-600 range.
    Surely there must be a better way of reaching people. Giving stuff away? Sponsoring free excellent marriage or child-raising seminars? Inviting people in the community to help the church serve building a playground for a park? Who knows, but I bet there’s a more productive and relational way than mailers.


  2. John,
    I agree with you. I think you reach a saturation point in getting your name out there. Ed Young Jr. says they stopped doing mailers after several years because 99% of the people came because they were invited. That is our goal.
    Good to hear you guys are planting again. Let me know how we can help.


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