Building Merry Go Round

Another week another change in our facility saga. Last week we thought that Coast Hills was a go but then we ran into two snags; one was the county and the fact that we would have to apply for a conditional use permit to have the site rezoned for us to use as a church, second the communication between us and Coast Hills has been sporadic at best and after several attempts to contact them to obtain some paperwork need for a meeting with the county I gave up. I do not want to work with someone I can get a hold of.

In steps The White Oak hotel again. Both sides had a desire to work with each other but were miles apart in the price category. So I told them the price they wanted per square foot to lease the property was too high and that we had gotten a lower price from Coast Hills. I told them I wanted to rent their space for $1 a sq ft with a discount for the kitchen area. They met my offer and told me that all we had to pay for the kitchen was .60 cents a sq ft which means that we get the whole are for .85 cents a sq ft. Quite a discount from $1.48 a sq ft. So we will have the whole right wing of the Hotels main building as our own. this means the room we use now plus the restaurant, bar, kitchen, and storage. What an answer to prayer because we didn’t want to leave there and now we can be there full time.

Everything is falling into place but we still have one more meeting next week to discuss how we can renovate the place. Please pray that they will agree to the ideas we have and see it as a improvement to their property. We might be able to make the improvements in time for Easter.


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