Two Days Taken Down

Ever since the email went down my life has been nuts. I basically couldn’t work on Monday because many of the tasks that I do are online. So there will be no Village Weekly this week. Lompoc has this really lame wireless internet service that I am using right now but I can’t send email I can only download them. The upload speed won’t allow my outlook to send emails. So if you are waiting for a reply email from me I will go to Starbucks today and reply. Finally I broke down and ordered a business line to be installed at my house next week. This will cure several ills but I still won’t have good internet until next week at the earliest.

Yesterday they were spraying my house for ants and spiders so we had to be out of the house for four hours. So we took the family down to the SB Zoo to see the crooked neck Giraffe. Had a tons of fun and the kids loved the choo choo train. We had breakfast at this place in Solvang called Paula’s House of Pancakes. Man! Awesome! Best pancakes ever!

Anyways I have been down for the last two days and it actually felt good. Helped me get away from the stress of what building we are going to meet in. What a pain but that is for another post at another time.


2 thoughts on “Two Days Taken Down

  1. Did you guys get those solvang sugar balls??? I forget what they are called. Trey and I almost came to your house for lunch last tuesday but we figured you wouldnt be prepared. God bless.


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