Cool Story

We are beginning to support some missionaries at The Village Chapel. Our goal is to give away or tithe 10% of our income each year. One of the missionaries we support is a couple in Cork, Ireland. Their names are Mike & Rachel Neglia. They are on fire for Jesus and are unashamed in sharing the Gospel. I sent him an email last week telling him that we are going to support him monthly and this was his reply:

Dear Chuck,


Wow! You don’t know what a need you have just filled.
Thank you very much for your willingness to partner with us. We were recently in
the States and I sat down with the administrator at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook and
we talked about finances and he let me know that we needed to raise another two
hundred a month in order to meet our portion of our support. That came as a bit
of a surprise to me, and I really hesitated to go around asking supporters if
they could kick down some more cash; I was sure that Jehovah Jireh would somehow
take care of it, when I checked my email and saw what you wrote I was just so
glad! What an example of God supplying our needs "above all we can ever ask or
think"! So thank you for playing your part in this, and strengthening my own
faith in the process.

I remember you said that you used to work with Youth For
Christ, so I know that you are familiar with fundraising and the ups and downs
that go with it. Thank you for using some of the resources that God has blessed
your church with and using it to bless the work of God overseas.

I’m very sorry that you haven’t been getting the emails
anymore, I’ll be sure to add your new address right away. We’ve also got a
church website, it’s very rudimentary at the moment, but we’ve got a lot of
ideas so check back later on! 

I can mail you some photos if you like; if you want to
make a missions board or something, just send me your address and I’ll get them
to you.

Thanks again Chuck, Rachel and I really appreciate it.


What a testimony to how and where God works.


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