Big Meeting Update

We had our meeting with the White Oak Hotel this morning at it was very informative and it opened several possibilities that weren’t on the table before. We went into the meeting to discuss us possibly purchasing the hotel. That is very much on the table and we are looking into options even though the owners are stuck on a price that is way above the market and unreasonable. These are the kind of things you negotiate.

Some of the other options that opened up to us will help out immediate space needs. We have the possibility of leasing long term the right wing of the main building where we currently meet. this would include the dining room, the bar area, the kitchen, and the conference room where we currently are. They would lease it to us at a cost per square foot. That is a great option and one that we could grow into. the last option would be to continue renting the hotel as is and renovate the restaurant into our sanctuary. This would give us another 100 seats possibly and we could do that real soon.

So we are in the prayer and fasting phase. The possibilities are endless. As we walked the grounds God once again enlarged my heart for what He could do there. It is going to be a fun time watching Him provide for this.


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