I Never Knew It Could Be This Easy

Our last two deliveries were hectic affairs to say the least. Usually 24 hours after the birth Jen was getting to see the baby for the very first time. I was running around the hospital talking to doctors and nurses and seeing to the needs of Jen and the baby. It was made for very long days and was exhausting.

This time is completely different. Jen feels better right now than she did the two previous times she came hospital. She got to see the baby two hours after delivery and is nursing instead of pumping. All this makes for a pleasant time to get to enjoy the baby. It is nice to hold a baby without tubes being attached all over the place as well.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. Toby is doing well and prefers to be laying on his Mommy’s chest more than any place. Jen is able to get up and will be able to take a shower today. We are looking forward to coming home and being with Caleb and Allie.


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