Tour of California

AmgenSpent the morning up in Solvang watching the Tour of California bike race. I was totally blown away. Most of these guys are my height (6"2) and look like a big V. Their upper bodies are huge with some serious lats, their waists are small, and their legs are like redwoods. I always had huge respect for Lance Armstrong but now it has gone through the roof. These guys are amazing athletes and can really move on the bike. Saw several riders leave the starting gate and then went to the finish line and watched most of the riders finish. Incredible. Solvang is a perfect place for a bike race and there must of been about 30,000 people there and most of the people were of their bikes. It made for a great atmoshoere. I saw riders like George Hincapie, Ivan Basso, Michael Rasmussen, but the best was watching the duel between Jen Voight and Levi Leipheimer. They were battling over first place overall and finshed 1st and 2nd in the race! More exciting than I was expecting.

Went with my good friends the Lopez’s and had fun with kids. Took Caleb because he loves to play with Luke and Sophia. Rene and Camille have been good friends for a long time. It made for a very enjoyable day and a lot of free stuff!


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