Bustin at the Seams

We were packed today at The Village Chapel! We had over 100 adults in attendance. It seemed like every ministry hit its stride today. Call it the big mo or just that God is doing something huge! We are starting to consider doing two services very soon. I know this will bum some people out because the sense of community will be lost a little but it is of necessity. We can only be packed for so long before we start to lose people.

What is more important is what God is doing through His Spirit. It really seems like we are busting at the seams in expectation for what God has on the horizon. Our prayer groups have been rockin lately. Honestly I thought they would drop off once the church got going but they are actually growing and the fervency of the prayer is higher than ever. We have been praying for God to do an incredible work of faith in us. What is cool is that our Guys prayer groups have matured by leaps and bounds. God is doing something special in our men. So our prayer now is Bust Loose Lord!


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