No, this post isn’t about my Starbucks obsession it is about a Christmas gift that we received. I know it is almost the end of February but we finally got my very first chair like this. It is the Barcalounger GRANDE! Made for guys like me who can handle a lot of life…or is it guys like me who gots lots of love handles? Anyways It fits me and my legs don’t hang over the end like other chairs.
This chair is sweet! It is so comfortable and I see a lot of studying being done in it. I broke it in this morning by reading Psalm 119, all 176 verses and let’s just say that there was no cramping or discomfort whatsoever. I see several naps happening in this bad boy. Oh, yeah it will be nice to rock the new baby too. Anyways to the givers of this gift we are so thankful.


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