Sustained Attendance

I have been hesitant to post about how many people have been attending our services the last few weeks for several reasons. First because of the fear that we would sustain the numbers from the first service and second because I try not to let numbers be a deciding factor in what we do. So last Sunday with at least ten families missing that I knew weren’t going to be there I was expecting a smaller crowd. Somewhere around sixty adults instead of the norm of ninety to 100. Well we didn’t have any drop off. I think we had around 85 adults in the service.

We have had several lookie-loos checking out the other option in Vandenberg Village but the number of people coming back a second or third time has been real encouraging. There is so much energy in the air from our people. Our services got over at 11:15 at nobody really left until 11:45. The sanctuary was full of adults just talking for the longest time. One of the encouraging signs is that we are adding people from Lompoc and Vandenberg Air Force Base who are just finding out about the church. Several people have jumped in an started being a part of our road crew.

The Children’s ministry is rocking! We have had over fifty kids each week! The kids are loving it and even convincing their parents to take them to KIDs Church. I think that is a testimony to the work that the children’s team is doing. Major props to my wife Jen who is doing all of this while being nine months pregnant!

All of these things are adding to our sustained attendance.


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