Baby Boom

We have no less than 5 babies due in our church in the next eight months. Considering how many kids we have in our church (60) we are in the midst of a baby boom. It’s pretty exciting considering some of the babies are sheer miracles! So come this time next year our nursery is going to be busting at the seams. I am so thankful for all the ladies who work with our babies and preschoolers. That room seems to get fuller each week. The comical aspect is that we set up our nursery in the hotel bar. Right where Karoake is performed at night our kids are discovering their stage presence. It will definitely be one of the plant stories we tell for a long time. Especially since my son broke through our barrier last week as was playing pool at the pool table.

Before I digress much more I blessed by all these babies and it all starts in two weeks with our third child being born.


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