Are You Part of the One Thousand?

I started this blog back in April of 2006. Before that I had a blog on livejournal but I matured and went with Typepad. It was a good move and over the last nine months I have seen the readership grow each month. Well it took me nine months to get to 5000 hits on my blog which isn’t great but isn’t bad either. I started doing a blog because I love to write and slowly this has turned into a communication tool for our little church plant. Well since we launched one week ago my blog went from 5000 hits on Saturday night to 6000 hits as of today. Wow! With a little help from my buddy Ben letting everyone know about about our first service there have been 1000 hits on the blog last week. I have received many emails from all over the country wishing us well and congratulating us on a successful launch. It has been really fun sharing with everyone the journey of church planting.


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