Debt Free

Yesterday we paid off our last debt hanging over our heads. About a year ago when God started to move on our hearts to do something new we had a deep conviction to pay off all of our debt. We read Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and started our debt snowball. Well yesterday we paid off my truck a couple of months early and now we are completely debt free.

This was really important to us because we didn’t want to do ministry with a cloud of debt that might influence our decisions. It is a totally freeing feeling. I recommend this book highly because Dave is straight forward and clear in his approach. Now we are on track to prepare for our future and advance the Kingdom of God through our service and finances.


2 thoughts on “Debt Free

  1. Congrats, my wife and I felt that amazing feeling about 2 years ago. We got on the Dave Ramsey plan and paid off quite a bit of debt. My wife was able to quit working and stay home when we had our son a few months ago because we didn’t have all of those payments. Dave says, “What could the people of God do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt-free?” Powerful!


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