Houston, We have lift off!

We launched our Sunday Services for The Village Chapel today and it exceeded expectations. We knew we were going to have around 110 people total but we ended up having 140 adults and about 50 kids. Of course that is only part of the story. I arrived at the Hotel at 8:05 am and the trailer was already empty and most of the place was set up. I think our set up team spent the night there. By 9:15am the place was packed with our core group and then the people started coming.

Once the service started there was standing room only which I thought would be resolved once the kids went to KIDs Church. It wasn’t we still had 20 people standing through the whole message. Wow! The worship team rocked. I thought Joe did a great job. The Children’s team worked like a well oiled machine and the Welcome team had our foyer looking like open bar at Starbucks. Major props to those ladies. It was a half hour after service and people were still lingering.

I was very pleased with today and am glad it is over to a certain extent. In all I didn’t know about 1/3 of the people there. It was great so many of them and I am looking forward to building some new relationships. Thanks to everyone who made this day possible.


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