A Good Run Through

We did our last run through today. It was nice because we had the Hotel to ourselves and we took advantage of it. The worker there likes us and she was actually helping us out. A couple of things stuck out. One we have an awesome team of people! I can’t say enough about this group. They were amazing this morning and needed little instruction. Two, our worship teams rocks. Joe and Joyce have been working hard and they got the team dialed in. Looking forward to worshiping tomorrow. Lastly, our people can pray. We had a time of prayer this morning before everything and it was incredible. The men led the way taking up the mantle of praying for the church, the community, and my family (Jen is really sick). They set the tone for the morning and the women followed suit.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrow! If just the core team showed up for church I wouldn’t blink. I know a lot more people are going to show up but what a great feeling to know that you have these people behind you.


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