Getting Away to Pray

Jesus often withdrew to a mountain to pray. After a hectic day of ministry He would spend all night being refreshed by His Father. There are so many points of application in this story but a few that God has been revealing to me. I have a mountain top that I walk to frequently and this is what God has been showing me:

  1. A Mountain top gets you away from everyday life: When Jesus prayed He did it in a place that removed him from the business. It is important to go somewhere where you can’t be disturbed and get alone with God
  2. A Mountain top takes work to get to: There will be several things that try to get in your way to prevent you from praying. We must be focused and diligent to get there. My walk is not easy because of a steep incline but when I get there it is worth the effort.
  3. A Mountain top gives you a fresh perspective: On my mountain top I get a view of the whole Lompoc Valley and there God works on my heart to show me the big picture. He replaces all the little tasks that are tugging at me with a heart for the people he still wants to reach.
  4. A Mountain top sends you back more focused: Jesus always came back from time with His Father renewed in His mission. When we spend time with God are coming away refocused on what He wants for us or have we just dumped all of worries and then left.

It is interesting to think that in the times I spend up there I have done a whole lot of listening and very little asking. Sometimes I just stare out and God does this work in my heart. The sun is always rising when I get to the top. That symbolism isn’t lost on me either.


One thought on “Getting Away to Pray

  1. One thing I always loved to do, was to go up to the bluffs of Nipomo and look over the Santa Maria Valley, and Guadalupe for that matter, and also to watch the sunset over the ocean, especially after a rain, the way it illuminates the clouds and it seems as if the skies are on fire in a brilliant orange color. It somehow seems to clear your mind, kinda weird. I also think of how in the bible, especially old testament, how the armies would gather to plan out their objective mission and look over the lay of the land.


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