An Inviting Group

Last night we had the Outreach team for the Village Chapel over to our house. I am very impressed with and excited about this group. We had six couples and their families at the meeting as we discussed how we are going to reach out to those God has given to us to minister to. Let me just say that this is a very inviting group who have caught the vision for welcoming people into our church.

One of our core values is Outreach. We define part of that by being an Inviting Church. We want to be a church that develops inviters into an inviting atmosphere where they can hear the Gospel invitation. Our outreach team is a big part of of that because they are going to be broken down into three groups. The first is our prayer team that spends time before each service asking God to bring those people who need Jesus and for the Holy Spirit to prepare them for the invitation. The second team is our welcome team who man our welcome table and create that inviting atmosphere at the church. They will hand out welcome packets, prayer  for the visitors the following week, and then visit them  before the next service .  Finally we have our altar team which handle our invitation response at the end of each service by praying for people who need it.

I think this approach will help us minister to those God has brought to be ministered to. It does no good to reach out to a thousand if you can’t handle the ten walking through your door each week. The people who have signed on for this get that. They are gifted in people skills and love people. In fact our meeting started at 6pm last night and everyone didn’t leave until almost 9pm! They were having to much fun fellowshipping. Can’t wait to see how God uses them in this role.


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