Divine Distractions

We are two weeks from the launch of our first services at The Village Chapel and the pace is getting beyond crazy. We still have several meetings to work out the  kinks as well as laying out how everything is going to go. With this being my last week at CCSM I had planned on spending time transitioning my responsibilities to the other staff but with the death and funeral of a Lompoc PD officer where I am a chaplain at it has thrown my schedule out of whack. Last Saturday morning I was wiped out after several trips to the hospital and a late night planning meeting at the PD. At that moment I gave everything to God because I was maxed out.

He began to show me the principles of Divine Distractions. With everything going on He wanted to remind that His agenda was more important than mine. I had all this stuff to do but He wanted me to establish contacts at the Police Department. I had to stop and be sensitive to who He was placing in front of me instead of what tasks I still had to complete. The funny thing is that one of my desires was to get more involved with the PD. I just thought it was going to happen after the launch.

God also had me make connections at Starbucks the other morning as I was running late to work. The drive thru was packed so I went inside and I had two interactions with people interested in coming to the church. I left there just laughing because I knew that was totally God’s design that morning. God is teaching me that His divine distractions are more productive than my detailed plans.


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