I am never going to live this down

First the Florida Gators beat my UCLA Bruins in the National Championship Basketball game last year. Then my very same Bruins lose on Saturday and fall from #1 to #3 in the polls right behind…you guessed it the Florida Gators. Now the Gators had to go out and win the Football National Championship by smoking Ohio State (the only redeeming factor in this whole thing). With two very strong "Gator Nation" families in the Village Chapel I am not going to live this down anytime soon. How do you argue with a football and basketball championship in the same 12 months. Well props to them. It would’ve been fun to see USC against Florida. Those defenses were so fast that Michigan and Ohio State had no time to think.


2 thoughts on “I am never going to live this down

  1. How does a team become #1 when it has two losses and one of those to an unranked team? At least the Bruins lost to the 10th ranked team and still have only one lost. I think it is time to turn some gators into cowboy boot material.


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