Building Update

I met yesterday with the people who are willing to let us use their building and let’s just say that my expectations were far exceeded. They offered to let us use over 4,000 sq ft and that does not include bathrooms or two rooms we could use for nursery. Hopefully we could convert about 2400 sq ft. to sanctuary space and the rest to Children’s ministry area. In total the space exceeds 5,000 sq. feet! We also will be able to design the space ourselves with the thought that the company can use our sanctuary for large meetings. Very cool.

We are in the initial stages and price, county permits, and other details haven’t been figured out yet but it is looking good. I am hoping to have info next week on what the lease will be and when we can get started. My hope is to be in there before Easter on April 8th. If you could remember to pray that would really help. This has been a total God thing so far and we want Him to complete the deal.


2 thoughts on “Building Update

  1. Thanks Tadd. Been praying for you about your condo. Good news it might sell.
    We have three more sundays before our first. Starting to pick up the pace with meeting all this week. Had a great response to the fundraising catalog we sent out. Thanks for the idea.
    God is great!


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