Wall to Wall football

New Years Day means one thing…Football! All day football at that. There is nothing better than watching the best of college football especially when the Pac Ten smacks down the Big Ten. It used to be better when they put all the good games on New Years but to make more money they spread them out over a week now.

Tradition goes back in the Musselwhite family close to twenty five years now. Well I can’t say the whole family it’s really just me. Most people close to me don’t get it. They don’t even understand how I can root for a college I didn’t even attend. That is the beauty of it all.

Nothing makes the day better than when the team every expert is picking to win loses to the team you are going for. Like yesterday. Everyone picked Michigan to beat USC and what happened? Michigan got spanked and it wasn’t pretty. I love when the Big Ten loses to the Pac Ten. I was a happy camper yesterday. Now I usually don’t root for the cross town rivals but when they are playing against a Big Ten I cheer like crazy because I despise Big Ten football. Overrated.

Anyways it was a glorious day in Lompoc.


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