My Wife Gets It

Many of you know my wife Jennifer. If you have heard her speak you know that she is gifted, but she is also super smart. What many people don’t know is that she spent a whole month in Brooklyn, New York in 1995 working with Bill Wilson and his mega Children’s Ministry called Metro Kids which at the time reached 20,000 kids a week in the hood. She learned how to do kids church on a large level and she also was trained how to do Sidewalk Sunday School. So she knows what it takes to have a successful Children’s ministry.

She is heading up our children’s ministry until baby #3 comes in March. Today she was reading through our new curriculum and we started talking about signing kids in during service. I gave her some ideas on what I thought would work. As she was looking over my suggestions she looked at me and said this would be a great way to follow up on families that haven’t been there for a while. Bingo! I hadn’t told her that she just came up with it. This is something I have suggested time and time again as a way to close the back door of churches. People will be a part of a church if they feel you want them to be there. It’s not a new method and not mine but it is proven to work. It’s just interesting that you can suggest it to people over and over and they don’t get it but when you are working with someone with the same philosophies you don’t even have to speak it they just get it.


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