Mountain O’ Cardboard

Now that Christmas is over I have this huge mountain of cardboard outside my garage door. My kids got some great presents yesterday but they all came with cardboard boxes. I was just getting it down to a manageable size, after moving in at the first of the month, then my daughter had her 2nd birthday party and the pile grew. After yesterday the pile is out of control. Lompoc picks up recycled trash every week which makes getting rid of this stuff doable but with the sized it is now it is going to take a couple of months to get rid of it. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and there is nothing worse than trying to break down weak soggy cardboard.

We spent most of the morning piling out from all of the stuff we got. We had to store several toys just because we don’t have room to have them out right now. Thank God we moved into a house that was bigger. We would’ve been overwhelmed in our old house. Ahhh… the joys of having toddlers.


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