A Very Blessed Christmas

There has never been a Christmas where I have realized God’s blessing as much as this one. There are certain factors behind that that I won’t bore you with except to say that we have seen God’s provision in supernatural ways in the last four months. Just the other day I was standing in my house with my kids playing all around me and I had one of those moments of bliss where God showed me His greatness.

Aside from the wonderful gifts that I received (which were awesome!) this has been one of the most pleasant in recent memory. Last night I watched my wife’s grandfather sit and smile all night as he was surrounded by his family in spite of losing his wife just three months ago. I was moved to tears as he handed out his gifts to the family one by one. The Patriarch of the family blessing the many jewels in his white crown.

This morning I sat and marveled at my wife who blesses my socks off everyday. We always get up before the kids and exchange our gifts with each other. We laughed and told stories behind each gift. We have done this for fourteen years now.

Watching our children open their gifts has become almost surreal. I can’t believe God would trust me with their welfare. The joy that they exude is nothing short of heavenly. They enjoy being with us as much as we do them.

Finally we are so blessed by our extended family. The Bible says that there are blessings in your children’s children and I think my in-laws are reaping that. They have been so faithful to God and we are reaping from that. And our family continues to grow with the fourth grandchild due in March and now another one on the way! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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