High Expectations

Luke 12:48 For everyone to whom much is given from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed of him they will ask more.

I have been meditating of this scripture for a couple of weeks now. One Sunday I was sitting in church during worship marveling at all that God has blessed our family with and how much He has poured out his favor on The Village Chapel and this verse popped into my head. It didn’t go off like an alarm clock shocking me into reality. Instead it was a subtle reminder that God has great things in store for this church.

Normally I would’ve gotten nervous with something like this but this time a quiet confidence grew. My internal motivation was stoked and I started to ask myself what I needed to do to prepare myself. God was telling me that He had gifted me with the gift of leadership and He was now expecting me to step up and answer the call. All the work God has done in my life to this point came into crystal clear  focus. This is what I was called to do and be and I am ready and excited to do it.

Thank you god for the road you have taken me on up to this point. I eagerly wait for the rest of the journey.


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