Can You Feel The Love?

We have been in Lompoc for exactly one week and there has been this outpouring of love on us. We have had fresh baked bread and blueberry muffins dropped off, as well as baked Ziti. We’ve been to a families house for dinner and socialized with several more. We knew the people of the Lompoc Valley were loving but this goes way beyond the mark.

One thing that is important to Jen and I is hospitality and fellowship. Somewhere I read that the difference between the two is that fellowship is the time you spend with believers and hospitality is the time you spend with nonbelievers. Paul writes in Timothy that an elder and a deacon is to be one given to hospitality. We’ve only met one of our neighbors but hopefully that will change soon and we will get to meet and minister to those in our new neighborhood.

We have noticed from the beginning of this church plant that the people up here value community. That figures since there is only 40,000 people in Lompoc and under 75,000 in the area. To compare that there is 160,000 in the Santa Maria area. People here are very close and know each other in some way. It seems everyone who work at the stores here are extra friendly. This has made the transition here very easy.


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