One Year Later…

It was one year ago today that I was in New Orleans with the Billy Graham Rapid response team. I can honestly say that this week changed my life in a powerful way. What I saw through the devastation, in the lives of the people, and most importantly through the actions of Christians who gave so selflessly changed many of the views I had on how ministry should be done. I wish I could put it into words how I was impacted.

Most of the good work being done down there is being done by people from Christian organizations. When we would drive around almost every house had blue tarps on the roof. Many of the tarps had the mark of Samaritan’s Purse, which is the relief organization of Franklin Graham. Groups of people would drive from all over the nation and repair people’s houses for free. Amazing. There was very little structure but the work was getting done.

What I walked away with was that God’s people aren’t dormant and they can make a mighty impact in other areas besides politics. People are looking for something to give their lives to are we as a church pointing them there?

I met a guy there who was a pastor of a very small Calvary Chapel. His name is Ed Fife and He works full time as a CPA and volunteers as a pastor. He is on fire for the Lord and told me over and over to do something unique for the Lord. Don’t do the status quo. Those words have rung in my head for a year. In fact I remember flying over Vandenberg Village on the way home from New Orleans and my heart leaping inside of me. Funny how I forgot that until now.


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