It’s Jesus’ Church

God is showing me over and over that Jesus is the head of this church. It is not that I have this pride thing going on but instead God is doing so much more than I am. I feel like I am in the middle of a tennis match and getting wiped all over the court 6-0 6-0. I can say that everything good that has come from this church starting is because God has done it. I’ve tried to do something of importance but it is weak and feeble compared to what God is doing.

For instance I have searched and searched for a place for us to meet. I finally decided on the White Oaks Hotel because that was what I can find. Lately I have had this sinking feeling that the White Oak wasn’t going to be big enough for our needs. Well God goes and opens a door for another facility that will hold us. Once again God 1 Chuck nata! When the Bible talks about Christ being the head of the church he means it.  Praise be to Him who deserves it all.


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