Good Ole Preach-a-thon

Last night we finished up our Inductive Bible Study course at the Lompoc Prison by having a preach-a-thon. I gave every guy five minutes to teach on a parable. We had twelve guys step up and give really good messages. I sat there and beamed like a proud papa as these guys took a text and turned it into a message. Some of them were good old fashioned preaching and others were great relational messages.

There is one inmate named Victor who has just thrived in the class. From the beginning he got how to outline, chart, and convert his studying into lessons. Last night when he got up he had us all in stitches as he shared but then he would hit us between the eyes with a hard point all in five minutes. Another inmate named Michael was the quietest guy in the class and shied away from any attention but when he got up there he became the most animated person of the night. He even high-fived one of the guys in the audience while he was speaking! Wow!

I left the prison last night just beaming. Chaplain Nelson went with me and he was just as proud of his guys. Now our prayer is that God will unleash these men into this institution as missionaries. Pray for them.


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